My Services

Research Consultation, Quality Improvement, Test Design,Surveys

I can provide high quality data analysis, survey design, test construction, and research consultation services. Whether you’re completing a dissertation or conducting market research, I can provide services that are professional and that will meet tight deadlines. My ongoing projects include quality improvement for the County of Orange Health Care Agency and validating a personality test for a major online dating site.

Recently created tests:

Measure of Fame and Success

The Fisher-Rich-Island Neurochemical Questionnaire (the test used by

Rich-Delgado Satisfaction & Aspiration for Vocation and Education (RD-SAVE)


I authored the self-help book, The Couple’s Guide to Love & Money. I’m always open to writing projects, including co-authorship. Feel free to discuss your ideas with me.

Testing Services

On April 20, 2010, I suspended my clinical practice to devote more time to my family and to my other professional pursuits, including teaching and consulting. I began seeing clients for testing in 1993 and since then have completed several thousand assessments and reports. It has been my privilege to perform this service over the years and to work with so many enjoyable clients and referring counselors.

Contact Me

My charges are reasonable. I am happy to discuss your unique situation, and to tailor my services to specifically help to answer your questions, provide the documentation that you need, and to reach your business, professional, educational, or personal goals.

You can reach Dr. Rich at 949/329-8421 or send me e-mail at